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Hello Conifers Primary School Year 1 ! Thank you for your great questions!


How did you get all of your ideas?

I get my ideas from the world around me. Living in the beautiful county of Dorset near to the sea and countryside with lovely villages, gives me lots of ideas! Also, I am very observant of people. How they look, how they speak, how they move. All of this gives me a lot to think about and to work with.


How many books have you written so far?

This is actually my third, but 'Great-Grandma and the Camper Van' is the first of a whole series!


How long did it take for you to write Great-Grandma and the Camper Van?

It took two to three months. There are lots of changes made along the way! We call these 'drafts'.


Why did you choose the Camper Van idea?

I was with my granddaughter at Moors Valley Country Park one day, and there was a camper van parked there. I said to her "I'm going to write a story about a camper van one day"! And here it is!



Hello Archbishop Wake Primary School Dolphins Class! Thank you for your great question!


What inspired your character Mincemeat the cat?

I wasn't really aware of being inspired at the time. As I sat at my lap-top, Mincemeat just appeared on the screen in front of me! I didn't even stop to think about his name, I just typed! Thinking about it though, there was a book from my childhood that I just loved, 'Carbonel' by Barbara Sleigh. I read that book over and over. It's the story of a black cat, a broomstick, and a girl called Rosemary. Looking back, it must have been in the back of my mind.



Hello Esme! Thank you for your great question!


Would you be anything different if you were not able to become an author?

I would have become a Primary School teacher.

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