From Archbishop Wake Primary School Blandford


Last Friday, so many parents and children came to say how much they enjoyed your workshop, so thank you for doing such a fantastic job that will have inspired many of our children here.


Good luck with your future publications, we will keep an eye on your website and let the children know when your next book is available to purchase.


...........and from Year 5 teacher at Archbishop Wake........


Dear Lois,


Here is our review of your visit on Thursday 14th March (2019)


'We thoroughly enjoyed Lois' visit to our school. Each year group had an age appropriate session which was really interesting and engaging. Lois read some of her latest story and we found out what inspired her to write. It was especially great that the overall theme of her writing is based around one of our school values (kindness). The children were able to ask any questions and we all felt extremely inspired.


We would definitely recommend Lois to come and visit your school too!


Thank you Lois, from the children and staff at Archbishop Wake.'



From Esme, at another Dorset Primary School


I am so happy that you could come to my school today. You have inspired me to write a book of my own. I loved the opportunity that you could come to my school and give me and my friends such a lovely assembly. I'm wondering if I am going to be an author or not when I am older. I probably am. You're so lucky to have a job that is writing children's books. I hope you enjoyed coming to our school today.













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Lois Davis