Great-Grandma and the Camper Van





A quintessentially English tale with a message of kindness, friendship, and helping others.  Ages 5-9


Join rascally Great-Grandma and her devoted cat Mincemeat as they journey to the seaside in their new camper van. Leaving the little village of Howdoyoudo behind and taking their friend Queenie Peg with them, the trio is in for a ride full of mishaps and merriment. Broken engines, lost keys and an unusual new acquaintance, will they ever get there safely? And with no keys, how will they ever get home again?






Hello! I'm Mincemeat! I'm baking mad and love conjuring up new recipes! Must dash, I'm just in the middle of making one of Great-Grandma's favourites - pear and slug tart! 

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Lois Davis